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Semicolon tattoos were inspired by Project Semicolon – a nonprofit organization dedicated to suicide prevention. A semicolon is used by writers when they choose not to end a sentence, and a semicolon tattoo is used to remind someone that their story isn’t over. Over time, the semicolon has been used to represent mental health awareness, including anxiety. Once you’ve made your decision to move forward with a tattoo, make sure you spend some time researching tattoo artists in your area.

Sobriety tattoos also represent the recovery from alcoholism as they are a symbol. However, those in recovery still often choose it as a personal support symbol. Butterfly tattoos are often used to symbolize beauty and transformation. The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is gruesome, much like the transformation that occurs when going through something challenging in your life. The butterfly tattoo is sometimes used as a reminder that while change is messy, it makes us stronger and more beautiful. In Eastern religions, the lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment and rebirth.

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Whether you are in recovery from addiction, or you have a loved one battling addiction a universal symbol for addiction awareness arrives in the form of a teal ribbon. Edward lives and works in South Florida and has been a part of its recovery community for many years. In English Literature from the University of Massachusetts, he works to help Find Addiction Rehabs as both a writer and marketer.

  • I would love to provide a draft of my story for you to review as a potential guest post.
  • Instead of a period trapping them in addiction, the semicolon offers a chance to extend the sentence.
  • We can help, don’t allow pride to stop you from living your best life…We can show you how…
  • The next day, the post was showing up in Australia and England among other places.
  • The eating disorder recovery symbol 💗 This tattoo is so meaningful to me…

People in recovery often choose the phoenix, a mythical bird, as their personal recovery symbol. In ancient folk tales, the phoenix was a bird that, upon its death, would burst into flames. But, after this initial passing, the bird would then be reborn from its ashes. AA sayings are time-tested phrases with powerful impacts.

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For me I had to go through a lot before I could recovery from my eating disorder. Sorry the symbol looks backwards because of the camera. I would love to provide a draft of my story for you to review as a potential guest post. I have an odd combination of alcohol abuse, sobriety, family, health, and now overlapping with diagnosed vaccine heart damage leading to a massive life change. I should have been dead on March 15, 2021 due to sustained VTAC at 225 bpm for 1 hr before intervention.

Songbirds, bluejays, cardinals, and eagles are all common drug recovery symbols. His post had nearly a million views, and had been shared 20,000 times. One person who had shared Boettcher’s chain-ribbon tattoo image got almost 7 million views on their post.

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The circle in the center represents the necessary community support during recovery. When he posted the photo of his new ribbon tattoo design last summer, it had been seven years since being sobriety tattoos sent to prison. He now owns his own successful tattoo shop in Merrill, Inked Horizons, where he specializes in a unique watercolor style. He got married and has a family with four children.

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